Semiconductor Technology

Based on advanced bioFET semiconductor biosensor technology, VSensor is the ultimate point of care platform that combines speed and lab quality accuracy.  The VSensor platform represents a seamless integration among ion-sensitive field-effects-transistor (ISFET), proprietary surface chemistry, advanced biomolecule probe, semiconductor packaging and microfluidics lab automation. 

tech sensing-170919.jpg

VSense technology integrates biomolecule probes with highly sensitive field-effect transistor (FET)  sensors to produce quantitative measures of the concentration of target antigens. 

Each disposable chip is a self-contained system including the bioFET sensor, amplifier, analog-to-digital converter, signal processing unit, and data transmission unit.

To immobilize the probes (antibodies, epitopes, single strand DNA, aptamer … etc.) onto the bioFET sensor, the semiconductor surface need to be functionalized and modified.

With VSense’s proprietary surface modification technology and custom-synthesized linkers, the surface of the bioFET sensor can be controlled at the molecular scale, allowing accurate, repeatable and highly sensitive results.


Biological proteins carries electrical charges.  When target antigens are captured by the probes, the electrical charges they carried will affect the voltage level of the gates at the FET biosensors, and the electrical current flowing through the FET biosensor will change accordingly.